There were four children in the Haring household; Keith was the oldest and only boy.  Kay was next, born two years after Keith, then Karen two years later and Kristen came along when Keith was 12 years old.

Coming from an artistic fakayharing_photo_aboutmily, Kay did her share of sketching and drawing while growing up. To answer the question she is always asked, “Are you an artist, too?” it is best explained that Kay is an artist of words.  Kay has always been a writer, journaling as a teenager and filling notebooks and odd pages with poetry and musings on her view of a complicated, beautiful world.

Kay is a wife, mother, writer, hiker, lover of art and of the wonders of nature.

Her professional career has been a blend of the for-profit and non-profit realms, including management roles with a community college foundation, and fundraising professional for Planned Parenthood.  She also served as fundraising consultant for numerous capital campaigns and nonprofit organizations, primarily raising money for arts organizations.  Kay has held many board positions for a wide variety of non-profits over the last 20 years including Lehigh Valley Arts Council, Berks Arts Council, Reading Musical Foundation, AAA Reading/Berks, and Planned Parenthood of Hawaii.

As a volunteer she has done everything from clean beaches of invasive seaweed to read books to children at a transitional housing program, plan budgets and financial strategies for non-profits, write newsletters, and design and write annual reports and fundraising brochures. She was named Big Sister of the Year while a volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Berks County.

She is interested in sharing nonfiction stories with children that are inspirational and thought provoking.  She believes that by speaking truthfully and directly, we can develop resilient kids with a zest for discovery.

Kay spends time in southern California, Hawaii and Utah but her heart resides in the hills of southeastern Pennsylvania.  This is her first picture book.


When Keith, our two sisters and I were growing up, our Dad was a great inspiration.  Because of him, we’d substitute time in front of the TV with drawing at the kitchen table.  During church services or school concerts, Dad would doodle in the margin of the program, and pass it on for us to add our own drawings.  Mom would proudly display our artwork on the refrigerator.

Allen Haring

My Dad still keeps drawing, with his grandchildren and now great-grandchildren.  In fact, a few of the doodles in the book about Keith are collaborations made in the last few years by my Dad with my granddaughter.

Yenna Hill

Some of the original artwork you see on this site is the work of my daughter, Yenna.  Find more of her art on Instagram: @imakethingswithmyhands & @yennakills