Author: Kay A. Haring

Illustrator: Robert Neubecker

This is a story about an extraordinary person with a passion; drawing. Keith Haring, my brother, was beloved by all who knew him. He was an independent thinker and a hard worker.  He had a deep commitment to community and demonstrated tremendous generosity from an early age.

Kids will love to see Keith’s first drawings as a kid, how his work developed through the years, and learn about some of his largest public projects that are still with us today.

Over two dozen images of Keith’s artwork appear throughout the book, expertly incorporated with illustrations by Robert Neubecker.

Inspire kids to dream big, work hard, give back!

“In this picture-book biography, Keith’s sister offers up a loving sketch of a boy so passionate about art that he drew on any surface he could find, from canvas to buildings. This habit only increased as an adult, and soon Keith’s work was hanging in galleries and being commissioned abroad. What stands out, though, is Keith’s selflessness and his commitment to share art with everyone… Always upbeat, this story is a celebration of art and life.” — Booklist


“Kay Haring hopes children get three major lessons from the book and Keith’s life: Think big. Work hard. Give back.”                    –  Mashable by Katie Dupere 2/9/17

“A new way for kids (and adults!) to learn about the life, work and philosophy of Keith Haring, one of the most beloved queer artists of the twentieth century is here ― and it’s stunning.” — Huffington Post review Feb 6, 2017

“Neubecker neatly incorporates Haring’s real pieces into these zesty, bustling, digital-and-pencil illustrations…. Haring’s work pops; Neubecker’s compositions and enthusiastic crowd scenes do it wonderful credit.” — Kirkus
“… This book will help fill contemporary art history gaps within library collections for children. —Suzanne LaPierre, Fairfax County Public Library, VA

Farewell, Godspeed: Greatest Eulogies of Our Time

Edited by Cyrus M. Copeland

Contributing Author: Kay A. Haring

Farewell, Godspeed is a remarkable collection of eulogies for some of the most notable figures of our time, delivered by the people who knew them best. In these moving and personal tributes, we see at last the vulnerabilities and nuances of character that are often hidden from the spotlight, and the true personalities behind the names we remember.

“Copeland has compiled 64 memorials to larger-than-life individuals, written by eulogizers who are equally unforgettable…” — The Philadelphia Inquirer

Farewell, Godspeed, Greatest Eulogies of Our Time, includes Kay’s eulogy for her brother that was delivered at his memorial service in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, in New York City on May 4, 1990.  Keith would have been 32 on that date.  Over 1,000 people were in attendance.


Speeches of Note

Shaun Usher, the same person responsible for Letters of Note, recently published Kay’s eulogy for Keith.  Speeches of Note is an ongoing journey through history’s most compelling speeches. A virtual lectern to celebrate oratory old and new, endeavoring not just to whoop with delight at the speeches that we already know but also to shine a light on those which, despite their brilliance, are often ignored. See the post here.